Sugar Glider Cage Set and Accessories
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The cage sets and other small animal accessories we sell are all handmade by my husband and I. We are firm believers in the protection of all animals, and so have researched and only use small animal/ sugar glider safe materials. Our 15 piece and 8 piece fabric cage sets are made from either a cotton or flannel layer that is stitched to a fleece layer using high quality thread with ultra tight 0.08 mm stitches. 

All of the fabric items included in the sets we sell have by necessity a closure stitch. This stitch is a small 2-3 inch area where the item is "closed" in order to create hidden seams. All of our products feature hidden seams and durable cage mounting points. 

Our 15 piece and 8 piece sets include everything required to immediately set up and use. We do not charge extra for hooks that you are going to have to need. We provided enough hooks with every set to be able to mount in a 26 inch wide cage. Although most cages do have a narrow side that is less than 26 inches and therefore will fit our designs, we also sell additional hooks. The hooks we sell are made of non-brittle plastic and can withstand the weight of small animals. The cage mounting points we provide are not like you will find elsewhere, we do not use ribbon that will fray and leave you with useless items that cannot be hung in your cage. 

All of the pieces included in the sets we sell are fully reversible, excluding the hide-n-seek, and can be machine washed. For best results air dry. 

We ship all of our items promptly using first class mail for fabric sets, bonding pouches, cage hooks, and priority mail for mesh cage sets. 

We are the original and exclusive seller of the mesh cage for small animals. This product utilizes same mesh that has become loved in the small animal industry for other applications. We have taken that same product and covered the edges in your favorite color of fleece and crafted a less messy cage set. These sets, while not able to be machine washed stay much cleaner than traditional cage sets. With a mesh cage set one needs to wash the mesh much less often than say a cotton and fleece blend. There is also less material to hold smells, making the mesh a cleaner option for your animals. The mesh cage set is also great set for medical setups. These sets include everything necessary to set up and use. 
Our bonding pouches are made of 100% fleece. We utilize high quality, durable pet screen as the window on our boding pouches. All of our bonding pouches have a long enough handle to also be used as a neck strap. We only use quality nylon zippers. Sewn with 0.08mm stitches. 

If you have any further questions or comments feel free to contact us.