Sugar Glider Cage Set and Accessories
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17 pc Bedding - Sugar Glider Cage Set - Rat - Blue Owls

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All sizes below are fabric size. The additional C-link and tab length ensure that the set will fit in up to a 26 inch deep cage.

  • 2 Square Hammocks  (7"x 7"    Fabric size)
  • 1 Hide N Seek Hammock  Pouch (7"x7"  Fabric size)
  • 1 Bouncer Bridge  (6"x 16"  Fabric size)
  • 1 Glider Tunnel  (3" Dia x 7"  Fabric size)
  • 2 Cage Pouches   (7"x 8"  Fabric size)
  • 4 Corner Leap Shelves   (7"x 7"x 10"  Fabric size)
  • 1 pack of 50 hooks (Assorted color)
  • 5 Fleece Blankets  (5"x5" Fabric  size)

Our cage sets are made of 100% sugar glider safe materials. With this you will get 2 large comfy pouches for your pets, along with a product not available elsewhere the Hide-n-seek Hammock. The Hide-n-seek Hammock is a sugar glider favorite. We are now offering as many blankets as the competition, while not reducing the amount of actual hanging items. All items are lovingly handmade, so sizes may vary, very slightly between sets.

All items are machine washable, and built to withstand both sugar glider use and washing machine abuse. Constructed out of quality fabrics with 0.8mm stitching.   

As with all of our cage sets there are no seams for your little ones to catch their feet on. We owe our business to these furry pets, so safety is always our top priority. All items are made of high quality durable layered fleece on top of sugar glider safe cotton.  

We strive to make our sets big enough to fit about any cage, if your cage is 26 inches wide or less these should fit like a glove.