Sugar Glider Cage Set and Accessories
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8 Pc Sugar Glider Cage Set - Pick a Color

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Give your Sugar Glider or other small animal the best.

This is a 8 piece set, ready to ship. Set includes:

  • 1 Square Hammocks  (7"x7"    Fabric size)
  • 1 Cage Pouch   (7"x8"  Fabric  size) 
  • 2 Corner Leap Shelves   (7"x7"x10  Fabric  size)
  • 2 Fleece Jungle Ropes 15" long
  • 2 Fleece Blankets  5"x5"

As a top manufacture of Small Animal Bedding and Sugar Glider Cage Sets we strive for quality and promptness in every order we ship. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. Our Sugar Glider cage sets are made with the safety of your sugar gliders in mind. Every one of our items is made of high quality materials, never second hand, and built to withstand multiple washing's.

  Each set comes complete with Plastic c-links.  

This 8 piece set was designed to be used with a Small colony but would work great and be nice and roomy for one. The fleece inside the large cage pouch will keep even a single glider nice and toasty. All the seams on every item we manufacture are hidden to protect your gliders feet. All items are lovingly handmade, so sizes may vary, very slightly between sets. Closure stitches are competed with a very tight stitch. Green theme. If you have any questions feel free to contact.