Sugar Glider Cage Set and Accessories
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Donate A Cage Set To an Animal In Need

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For every purchase of this donation listing we will manufacture, ship, and donate two cage sets to the folks over at Az Sugar Glider Rescue. All donated cage sets will be shipped quarterly as to reduce shipment cost. Each donation listing is offered at a huge cost reduction, making sure that all cage sets shipped as part of this program will be provided at the absolute lowest possible prices. 

From AZSGR: The Arizona Sugar Glider Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation founded for the purpose of helping pet sugar gliders have happy healthy lives. We not only rescue and rehome sugar gliders, we also offer education and mentoring to prospective and current glider parents.

We are in no way affiliated with AZSGR. We do however recognize AZSGR as one of the best sugar glider rescue non-profits around and would like to help the gliders they have that are in need.